Leave the camera at home

There's those days when you accidentally leave your phone at home. Sometimes, this can be super annoying, but other times it can be strangely liberating.

The fact is, we are glued to our phones and computers and the interwebs and we find it difficult to detach from these digital apendiges, even in the outdoors. I for one, am guilty of bringing my iPhone with me pretty much everywhere. I am also guilty of including a camera in my 'essential' list of gear on most hikes or adventures I find myself on.

This year, I've been experimenting, and am now completely sold on the idea of 'less is more', especially when it comes to gear and the outdoors. Taking this idea one step further, I've been leaving all digital devices at home when I go into the outdoors. The effect is two fold:

a. I am completely independant of the need for electricity or power and can happily dunk my bag in a river without too much worry of breaking anything. This is very liberating. The less I have to babysit my gear through the wilderness, the more I can concentrate on the adventure at hand.

b. I find I am more in the moment. Not thinking about the future or the past, just enjoying each moment as it happens. When you see something grand, like a whale breaching along a deserted coastline, or you pop out of the bush and find yourself on the edge of a cliff overlooking an awe inspiring vista, you can simply enjoy it for what it is. There's only you and the situation at hand. You can't instagram it, you cant take a photo to show everyone later, its just you and the wilderness, so you may as well enjoy it and live in the moment with no thought of the outside world.

Yes, it's nice to share your experiences with friends and family when you get back home and yes it's nice to look back at old photos with nostalgia. But every so often, just go out into the wilderness and leave your camera at home. You'll have a far richer experience.